Monday, May 18, 2009

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I’m Azlan Ismail, the Chief Instructor for The Kuala Lumpur Skydiving Association. Formed in 1980, it is the only registered skydiving club in Malaysia.

Since our formation, we have trained countless Malaysian civilians as well as foreigners in this adrenalin rush sport.

The 2 jumps course is now at RM1050.00 and the 1 jump course at RM850.00. This new price is effective since the beginning of this year in tandem with the current increase in the price of gas.

The price is not inclusive of transportation, food and lodging.

For Singaporeans, the price is at RM1180.00 with classes being held in Segamat, Johore. It is also inclusive of lodging.

For the 2- jump course we can only commence class when we have an enrollment of not less than 10 people and the maximum of 30 people. For the 1 jump course the minimum number is 15 and maximum is the same.

The dropzone is at the Segamat Golf and Country Club, Segamat, which is about 2-3 hours drive south of Kuala Lumpur. This is the only place that the Department of Civil Aviation allows us to skydive from sunrise till sunset without any interruptions except for mother nature. It is an ideal location for student skydiving as the airstrip is in the center of the golf course.

We are not allowed to jump in KL due to the busy air space and also because the local airport is next to a busy highway.

Ground classes are done in Kuala Lumpur except for groups from Singapore, which will be done in Segamat itself. The 4-5 hours of ground class is done a week before the jumps.

The jumpship is a Cessna 172 which is a 4-seater aircraft. This aircraft is stationed in Subang, and has to be flown in to Segamat. This will answer your question if you ask why our fees are high.

Jumps are from 3500 feet and above. Two jumpers will jump two at a time as this will help the ground instructor to have a better control of the jumpers, who will talk to them via radios. The third and subsequent jumps will cost RM250.00 per jump.

Freefall can be achieved after 4-5 static line jumps. The first and second freefall jumps from 6000 feet will cost RM600 each as the instructor will be holding on to the jumper during freefall before releasing him once they are stable. Subsequent freefall jumps will cost RM320.00 per jump.

A deposit of RM550.00 is to be paid 4 days before the class starts and students who decide not to jump after the class will have the payment forfeited. The balance is to be paid before the jumps in Segamat. If a jumper decides not to jump when they are in the aircraft, they will not be refunded.

Jumpers will be awarded a static-line jump certificate plus a license issued by The Malaysian Sports Aviation Federation.

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